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What can we do for you?

Home Visits

If you are planning a trip or a long day at work & do not want to use traditional boarding this is an ideal alternative. 

Your pet gets to stay at home, in familiar surroundings. We can visit once or twice a day to feed, water, change litter, short walk & administer medications.

Visits average 30-40 min depending on your pets mood & personality!

* Reduced rates for 2 visits per day.

Dog Walks

We walk dogs solo or in small groups of 2 or 3. From experience this suits older dogs, dogs with medical conditions or nervous dogs that don't necessarily enjoy the company of other dogs. It also means we can watch your dog more closely, monitor ailments or injuries & of course they get more attention from us!

Walks are either 30 mins or 60 mins, catered to suit your dog, maybe a favourite walk of theirs, a dip in the ocean on hot days, or a gathering at the dog park. 

* Adhoc or regular walks available.

Puppy Visits

We offer a popular middle of the day toilet break for your pets. This is mainly aimed at indoor dogs & Puppies, we can include a short walk (20 mins) if your pet likes to use the toilet 'en route'.


Puppies & young dogs still toilet training can make a lot of mess & don't cope well alone all day. Don't worry cleaning up comes with the job!

Water bowls are topped up, lots of fuss & play & your dog is then all set for an arvo snooze. 

* rate offered only for regular clients.


$25 per visit

$20 30 min walk

$30 60 min walk

$20 per visit


Dog Boarding

We are able to offer home boarding for dogs, from the same household. They must be able to get along with feline friends as we do have cats of our own. In the past we have boarded many different dogs, our cats are very used to dogs coming & going the only rule is no rough play!​ All introductions are supervised & done slowly but the aim is to have dogs & cats living as a family normally would.

Trial nights or a half day are also available, we want your dog to feel part of the family while they stay with us.


Small Pet Boarding

* Please contact us with your small pet boarding requests. Price will include pet accom & food. 

$40 per night

$20 per night

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